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English in the classroom

The History of America

Part I

In Prehistoric times, hunters from Sibéria crossed the Bering Strait and reached América.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on an island near Cuba. He thought that he had reached India and he called the people who lived there Indians.

Many other conquerors came from Europe.

The French explored mainly the north and the Spanish the south of America.

In 1920, the Puritans, a religious group, came from England and settled on the east coast of United States.

Many of them died from huger and cold.

The Indians showed the settlers how to fish and to plant. After the first harvest they help a feast to thank God. It was the first Thanksgiving Day.

Some settlers traded with the Indians but others saw them as enemies.

Lots of Indians were killed or died of diseases brought by settlers.

Many other people came from England and settled on the east coast.
They were still under the Britsh government and paid heavy taxes to England.

They wanted America to be free from England and in 1775 the War of Independence began.

The British lost the war and the 13 colonies of American became independente. They formed the United States of America. George Washington was chosen as the first president.

More states joined the Union. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson bought the land between the Mississippi River and the Rock Mountain from France.

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